Monday, June 16, 2008

An Outline to Help You Find Your Way

The Beginning of Budgeting and the Start of a Better Life
a. Where to Start - The Starting Point
** Fear vs. Faith – The Monster in the Closet

b. Dealing With Mail
** Mail, Mail, and More Mail – Surprises in the Mail

c. A Plan for Filing
** A Finance Binder - Binders, Files and the Battle of the Sexes

d. Setting Up Your Binder
** Labels - A Plan for Freedom
** Organizing Your Binder - A Place for Everything
** Finishing Your Filing - Finishing Things and All things considered...

Setting Up Your Budget
a. Expenses
**Expense Categories - Finding the Holes
**Average Spending – Learning for Life
**Managing Bills that Vary – Changing Seasons
**Infrequent Bills and Expenses – A Plan for the Infrequent

b. Income
**Salary - Simplicity
**Hourly Wage – By the Hour
**Weekly – By the Hour
**Bi-Weekly – Every Other Friday
**Monthly - Simplicity
**Commision – Feast or Famine and Finally Breathing
**Self-Employed – Your Business and The Power of Percentages
**Examples of varying income scenarios – Weekly, Salary and Commission

c. Discretionary Money
** Free Money – I Gotta Little Change in My Pocket
**Cash/Envelope System – Discretionary Spending: Cash, Credit, or Bankcard
**A plan for your extra change – Change to Spare
**Using Your Credit Card – Corralling Your Credit Card

d. Balancing Your Budget
**My Budgeting Plan – A Plan to Stop Juggling
**How to Balance – Finding Balance
**How to Use a Budget? – Directions for the Journey and Practicing Your Payday Plan

e. A Plan for Extra Money
**Side Jobs or other Income – Giving Your Money Purpose

a. The Importance of Savings
**What is a Store House? – The Storehouse Blessing

b. Getting Started with Savings
**What if I only have a little? – Small Beginnings
**A Dream for Savings – Our European Adventure
**Why Start Now? – Debt vs. Savings

Dealing With Debt and Credit Cards
a. Managing Your Credit Cards
** Minimum Payments – The Shovel and the Hole
**Using Credit Cards – Where Your Heart Is… and Managing Your Credit Cards

b. Managing Your Credit Card Debt
**“Snowballing” Your Debt – Managing Credit Card Debt
**Paying off Your CC Debt – Kill Your Giant

c. Debt
**Facing the Mountain – A Guide For the Mountain
**Having a Plan – Baby Steps
**Changing Your Habits – Doing Something Different
**Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling – In Too Deep

Life on a Budget
a. Making Wise Choices
**How do you choose wisely – The Way of Life

b. Matters of Your Heart
**Gratitude – The Gift of Gratitude
**A Cure for Feeling Deprived – A Cure For Deprivation

c. The Power of Agreement
**Budgeting in Marriage – The Power of Agreement

A Vision for Your Resources
a. Giving Your Money Value
**How do you Stop Wasting Your Resources? – Worth vs. Waste
**A Purpose For Your Money - Decisions

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Alexis said...

Thank you, Tracy. I'm a college student, and I've read a few financial blogs before. They have been good in providing a few practical tips. But I am so encouraged to find that your blog has been a gem. It's amazing how much freedom there is once you have financial boundaries. It's great to be able to focus on what God has entrusted you and not on fads. You guiding people in such a dynamic, clear way is certainly going to impact others, not just me, as I apply these principles. It's amazing - the answers are right there in the Word. Sometimes I tend to procrastinate with finances, but you have shown me importance and the joy of setting your finances right. Thank you!